The capability to work across the cross functional domains gives Karyon to operate in different industry segments.Karyon has well developed organisational structure to operate and which enables us to operate as an individual company with in the Karyon frame work.Company with in company approach enables us to work effcientltly and swiftly as per the cutomer need.Further it gives better operating focus and attention for all the customer in any particular vertical.Our small size and flexibilty to tailor our delivery model as per the requirement gives us the throttle to move fastly and accurately.The total risk free engagement along with the high quality services just in time,enables our customer to achieve thier goals and to aim higher.Following are the verticals in which currently Karyon is operating:




Adminstrative maps
Climatic maps
Pedological maps
Topograpic maps
Land use maps
Productivity maps
Final Map -Agro-ecological data base
Seating systems
Lighting systems
Interior Trims
Bumper System
Consoles, Safety and Comfort systems
Market analysis
Customer management, identification etc
Competitor analysis
Focused marketing
Planning for business expansion
Site selection for new branches / ATMs etc
Strategic planning
Vehicle tracking system

Consumer Products

Disaster Management

Health Care

Injection moulded consumer products
like appliance covers, phones, containers,
irrigation equipments etc
Decision making
Action taking / redresser
Identification of new areas for improvement of health facilities
Population mapping for specific diseases
Stratification of risk factors
Forecasting of epidemics
Disease monitoring and intervention
Determination of geographical distribution and variation of diseases



Urban Development

Planning, modeling and designing the infrastructure
Facility Planning
Inventory management and equipment placement
Providing network data
Fault location and service maintenance
Marketing, sales and service fulfillment
Visualization of tourist sites through
digital images or videos
Valuable information on tourist locations
Strategic planning
Selective informations like route
planning, accommodation, cultural events
Easily accessible information over the internet
Interactive maps that respond to user queries

Faster decision-making
Efficiency increase
Accuracy improvement
Efficient asset management
Better resource allocation
Zonal demarcation for operations